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Historic Tennessee Book:

The Tennessee Preservation Trust has published a stunning book which captures the story of our state’s settlement and expansion, as well as its periods of conflict and human drama, by capturing the best evidence of the times – the surviving structures and sites, which were in many instances, integral elements of the events that shaped Tennessee’s – and the nation’s – history.

Through the indelible images of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Robin Hood and the moving words of nationally esteemed history writer James A. Crutchfield, Historic Tennessee presents a commemoration of Tennessee’s rich historical and architectural heritage.

Historic Tennessee is filled with a lavish tapestry of more than 300 color photographs of ninety sites significant to the drama of Tennessee’s colorful past – from upper East Tennessee to the Mississippi River. Reach out and touch the mark of the ax on ancient logs felled by early settlers building new homes on the distant frontier; sit in the very room wherein visionary leaders gave birth to a new state for America; and stand on the parapet at Fort Loudoun, gaze out over Tellico Lake and ponder the now-submerged Cherokee town of Tannassy whence comes our state’s name.

	<p>Alvin York Mill</p>

Walk the marble halls of one of the nation’s oldest state capitols and hear the echo of debate deciding U. S. Constitutional ratification for Woman Suffrage, visit the Civil War battlefield at Franklin and sense the cacophonous agony and bloodshed of ten thousand American heroes, and at nearby Carnton Cemetery, hear their wives’ and mothers’ mournful sobbing. On a thumping, pulsating street in Memphis, experience the rhythm of the uniquely American music born there and sent out to the world by a blues man named Handy. And, a few miles up the road in a small town called Henning, hear the stories of one African-American family’s journey from slavery to Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Historic Tennessee is a rich celebration of a remarkable heritage, one that makes us all proud to be called “Tennesseans.”

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